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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nature's work of art -- Coppersmith Barbet Birds

Hi folks,
                 This time, the subject is more into nature, birds, arts. There is a small story behind this topic. On my recent visit to Lalbagh botanical gardens(Bangalore), I came across a board which displayed the pics and names of different types of birds existing there. I jotted down 2-3 names of species of birds (because they are forgettable and also we do not get to see them around in our tree-less cities).
             One such bird is Coppersmith Barbet. I googled and wikipedied for more information, and I came across some wonderful pictures of this Wonder Bird. OOOH, I'd like to meet you live instead of seeing you on a screen.                            
                                            A Little information on these birds.
                           These birds are found in some parts of South East Asia and also in India. They are known by this name because they make a characteristic 'Tuc Tuc Tuc' sound that reminds us of a coppersmith striking with his hammer. They are also known as 'Crimson-breasted Barbets' as their forehead and the neck are crimson coloured. The crimson forehead, the bright-yellow eye ring, bluish green body make them striking and stand out from the rest.

                                                           NATURE'S ART
         The moment I saw some pics of these birds, I knew I have to capture (or recreate) in my drawing sheet . The crimson forehead and the bright-yellow eye ring was too hard to resist. Given a chance, my favourite passtime will be bird-watching. If any of you come across these exotic birds, be sure to capture them in your camera. Here, I would like to share with you a borrowed photo and my attempt at recreating from that image.

                This photo, which I borrowed from Google images, is taken by Mr Umang Dutt. HATS OFF!!!! to this excellent photographer for capturing this PRICELESS image in his lens. It is never easy to get the best view of birds like these.
                                            My Attempt at recreating !!!!!!!

                                                             This is my finished artwork.

    FINALLY, I have to confess that nature is the best artist and we can be inspired in endless ways from our BOUNTIFUL NATURE.