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Friday, January 27, 2012

My tryst with flowers-Lalbagh Flower Show January 2012

Hi friends,
                      I am in awe of our mother nature. I mean, the endless varieties of flora and fauna on this earth that one lifetime for a human being is not enough to see all these. I am humbled by your power of creativity. And, of course, amazing imagination and creativity of man is something that needs mentioning here. Our recent visit to Lalbagh Botanical Gardens in Bangalore where the flower show is held on the account of  the Republic Day was memorable. The painstaking flower arrangements and the giant design of Buddha Stupa decorated with flowers left us spell bound. I just cannot resist sharing some visuals with you.....

                                        'Mahabharath' engraved in sand

                                       'View of Buddha & Stupa from outside the glasshouse.

                                                    'FLOWERY' HILL   

                                                                                A  Dutch artist at work........
                                               ANTHURIUM Arrangement -by the Dutch artist.

                                                   National flag prepared with RICE Grains!!!

                                                     Should I describe this?

                                                           Another Flower Hill!!!

                                                         Do I need to say more?
                                           'AWESOME, ENLIGHTENED BUDDHA'  in the world of darkness!!!

         JAI HIND!!!!