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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Hello friends,

                         When this blog was started, I was not sure which path it will take. In the first few months, I touched on lots of social issues such as fight against corruption, Sabarimala Temple articles, Arab Spring, safety of women to name a few. I put few letters which were published in 'The Hindu'. Then there were few articles on my artworks like 'The humble obstructive tamarind seed', 'A rocky storky experience', 'Nature's Work of art-Coppersmith Barbet birds'. Some articles like Atheists or escapists, Two songs in Kalyani raga, Review of 2 old books, Why this Kolaveri, For a change....., do not come under any category. With the article 'Glimpses from my hometown visit', I started to write topics on travel off and on. I am sure I'll keep writing more travel articles if I visit places. What has been observed by me is that I have written about 30 posts in the last 2 years, but only 6 posts this year to the date. Yes, keeping a blog alive and entering posts frequently require lot of time investment, energy, passion, keep oneself updated with current events. Otherwise, as one keeps writing, topics deplete which calls for perseverance. I have read somewhere that a blog's life is an average of 2 years. I still do not want to be known as a 'former blogger.' It may sound as an excuse if I say since I have joined workforce I find short of time. I do admit that it has sapped lot of my energy which I used to invest in writing, reading, drawing, painting.


                                                        As I am writing this post, many parts of our country would have celebrated Ganesh festival with usual fervor and festivity. This will be followed by immersion of idols of all sizes mainly in Maharashtra, parts of AP, (Telengana?), Karnataka, Tamilnadu etc. I posted the article below 2 years back. Now, Government is trying to create more awareness about the harmful effects of 'Plaster of Paris' Ganesh idol immersion in seas, lakes, rivers(especially the giant ones). But, the topic I wrote is still valid as Ganesh idol making is a thriving industry and idols these days are made in China also!!The article below is the one I posted 2 years back.

                                                            ARE WE REALLY WORSHIPPING LORD GANESH?
                            As change of leadership looks imminent next year, UPA government has voted for creation of Telengana State for its own advantage. This has, predictably triggered the demand for more states. Will the formation of this new state be for better or for worse? As you would have all guessed, Hyderabad will be the capital for both AP and Telengana , like Chandigarh.
                                                    Another burning issue is the series of gang rapes that keep happening in different parts of our country. The gang rape of a physiotherapist that took place at the end of 2012 in our national capital shook the whole nation and was followed by series of protests. While this remains fresh in our memory, I am sure many of us would have forgotten the one which took place in Guwahati sometime in the middle of 2012. The article below was written in September last year.
                                               Very recently, the gang rape of the photojournalist in Mumbai received widespread publicity. The victim is a true fighter in every sense that she was ready to go back to work as soon as possible. Due to her co-operation, some of the perpetrators were caught. Is is that these gang rapes have increased in our country or they are getting much more publicity than before? One troubling aspect in these crimes is that juveniles are involved in them. It has outraged the whole nation to see that the juvenile of the Delhi gang rape crime almost 'escape' the law with just three years of imprisonment when he attacked the victim in the 'most foul' manner.  This has triggered the debate that juveniles who are just months short of 18 should be given same punishment as the adults are given, considering the gravity of crime. There is some justification in that argument because if these juveniles who are close to adulthood and if the crime is of grave nature, laws should be amended to suit the crime. As I write this, the four people are convicted in the crime and declared to be awarded the maximum punishment. Will this give some relief to the victim's family?

                                        In the international side, there are continued threats of impending US attack on Syria. This is based on the allegation that Syria has piles of chemical weapons which looks to be a threat to the international society. Majority of the countries oppose this attack on Syria which looks to be baseless, but many countries, especially European nations approach with caution. We can hope that this is not going to be another 'Iraq'. Today's BBC news reported that Mr Obama will pause military strikes against Syria if it agrees to place the chemical weapons under international control. It is a wait and watch situation. If US decides to strike Syria going against the UN resolution, I consider that the Nobel peace prize given to Mr. Obama has no value.
                                       I will pause here for now to get back as soon as possible. :)

Take care,