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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Are you ready to break up?

Hi folks,
    Don't hit me, don't get me wrong!! I am not asking you to break up with your spouses, lovers or significant others. If some of you have watched the recent ads shown in the TV, then I am sure you would not have missed the one on OLX app, which is a site to find the buyers and sellers near your area. This one with the crisp portrayal of group of youngsters swapping the goods in style and with catchy phrases looked good enough to catch my attention. The two ladies bowing in a Japanese fashion and exchanging the headphones, selling sunglasses in a stylish way, exchanging a leather bag while skating, the smile of a happy buyer of 'bean bag or rocking chair?' are to name a few. More creative OLX ads which were not aired much in TV, can be found in Youtube. It does look sleek and innovative, but we know that when we get down to facts it is actually not so!
                             But more than all these, the recent one captured my imagination in a way that it can be taken seriously for the betterment. The ad goes like this:
                           " Aaj kal uss se dektha bhi nahin!!" (You are not even seeing nowadays)
                           "It is 6 months! There is no interaction."
                           "Six months is a lot."
                            "Let it go to someone who is more deserving."
                            "It's time to break up".

               https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvFUP6NXy40  (link of 30 sec OLX Ad)

   Take the OLX 6-month break up challenge. If you have not used a thing for more than 6 months, it is time to break up. Post in the OLX, and sell near you. This one aptly captures on our 'refusing to let go' mentality. Majority of us keep old items stacked inside the cupboards and lofts either out of sentimental value or with the thought that we will use it 'some day' which never arrives. Then there will be dresses, attires, accessories, electronic items which we may buy at the spur of the moment when going for shopping with relatives or friends. Later on, most of them might have been used once or twice and forgotten for good. I have some relatives who are unwilling to sell off the old newspapers! Kitchen utensils which are as old as your grandparents, your clothes, your children's clothes from the age of the toddler, piles of books, toys or items which are past their age, tape recorders, 2-in-1s, bags and bags of plastic covers stashed away in the corner of the utility area conveniently for roaches to thrive and breed, old wine-whiskey bottles, tons of plastic bottles and of course years and years of various bills, bank statements, frequent letters or correspondence from companies with which one is associated. Isn't it high time to let go of all these unused stuffs? Sometimes the clearing up happens, when we rummage the shelves or cupboards to look for a long lost thing. Recently I asked a relative of mine why they have rented a big apartment when there were only two members. Pat came the reply that they needed lot of cupboards and lofts to store their heavy utensils (which were never used and given at the time of their wedding!), and many items which they don't want to let go! I thought of this ad and told them it is still never too late, but I am sure it will hardly register in their minds! I keep telling my family members to dispose their old clothes which have not been used for more than 6 years, 16 years but it falls on deaf ears. When I clear or dispose the unused and unwanted items, the feeling that is experienced by me is inexplicable freshness.
                                      Frequent disposal of old items clears the clutter of our minds! So, wake up friends, take the challenge for your own good!! I am sure, it will lighten up our minds!!  Best of luck!


P.S. - Next article in the vicinity. So watch out!