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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Lamp Lamp, burning bright-Happy 3rd Birthday


            Happy holidays to all of you.  Finally, the wait is over and most of us take time off to spend vacation with family and friends. When many parts  of our planet will be freezing with cold weather, places in South India generally has tolerable weather and folks enjoy the moderate winter before bracing up for the harsh summer days. I look forward for the winter days when there is festive mood in the air with the colours of Christmas. I listen to a lot of Christmas songs that is played in an online radio station.

                                                This day of the month marks 3 years of completion of my blog writing. I started to write in December 2010 by inaugurating with a simple post "Quote for thought" which contains        “Instead of thinking about what you're missing, try thinking about what you have that everyone else is missing.”. It is just one line, but very weighty in message. It is so easy to write a line like this, but so difficult to follow. The next post followed very shortly titled    'Spirit of every festive season' to celebrate Christmas and New Year. The title of the blog was inspired from my own name 'Deepa' meaning lamp.

                                                 It has been really an amazing journey and experience. It was a journey in which I was not sure which direction to take. Frankly, I did not want this blog to stick to a particular subject like technology, travel, cooking, art etc. As the thoughts shaped up in form of each post, I felt like seeing my own child growing up in front of my eyes with my careful nurturing. Initially, I had lot of free time in my hands and so I followed the current events and read newspapers with passion and interest. More than 30 letters have been published in The Hindu newspaper's 'Letters to the editor'. The two posts in this blog contain a collection of my letters to The Hindu. I have written lot of articles on social issues and current events. To name a few, they are:
 Sabarimala tragedy , Lathicharge at Ramlila Maidan (Baba Ramdev's , Anna, Anna, rock the empire!!! ,ARE WE REALLY WORSHIPPING LORD GANSabarimala temple-The discrimination rule,Murder in the classroom-Murder of innocence?   are some of them. Then there are two articles
contributed by my dad which are 'Energy Prospects for future' and 'Alpam Chirava Puranam'.                  

         Then of course, there are posts on my artworks, travel experiences, experimenting on writing book reviews, poem etc. This is more than just a blog for me. It has kept me afloat during tough times and still gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day. The feelings that I go through and the kind of satisfaction that I experience when I finish entering each post cannot be expressed fully in words. I wish to thank my friends and some family members who have been supportive and encouraging. I am fortunate enough to live in this era of internet and social media because of which instant publication and viewership is made possible.
                         I do not know if there is anything special associated with number 3. It is always said that if you go wrong the first time you will get it right the third time. Many recruiters give the candidates three chances to pass the tests and qualify. Hindus do pradakshina or circumambulation around most of their dieties  counting 3. Why this talk of number 3? Some things seem to coincide with this number. When I complete 3 years of blog writing, the viewership coincides to the multiple of 3 and the number of posts entered is 48, which is again a multiple of 3. I cannot bring out multiple specialties associated with 3, but I want to keep on writing so that this blog crosses the multiples of 3 (years). I wish to write more articles which will be of lighter vein and with some dash of  humour. One article  I wrote recently is Bhanumathi please!!! which received record response from readers within few hours.

                                                           HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


                               I hope to continue to burn this lamp with same or more zest and zeal in the coming days and wish to celebrate many more birthdays.

P.S. I will post a birthday gift for my blog very soon.....

Lots of love,