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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pearl Valley- Muthyala maduvu

Dear friends,
                         Hope all of you had fun during Diwali bursting lots of crackers and distributing sweets among your friends and relatives. Last year, during the time of Diwali, I posted an article titled 'Lighting the Lamp'(Go to the link http://deepanagaraj.blogspot.in/2012/11/lighting-lamp.html)  which highlighted the tragedy at Sivakasi factory which involved more of onlookers than the workers in the factory. This year, there was a different kind of tragedy. Just three days before Diwali, a bus traveling from Bangalore to Hyderabad hit a divider at Mehaboob Nagar in the wee hours of morning killing about 45 passengers. Most of them were traveling to the hometown to celebrate Diwali with their families. According to the follow up investigation, reckless driving, faulty road and poor safety measures were responsible for the accident. The bus was also carrying passengers above the normal capacity and had only 1 driver for the long distance. Anyway, it did dampen the spirit of festivity in at least some of us to see these people die for no fault of theirs.
                     I am sure, at least some of us would have traveled to resort or any other place to escape the normal routine. Okay. We did not travel anywhere far off from our place. Just for a day, after Diwali, we went to Pearl Valley or Muthyala Maduvu as is known among the locals there. This is situated after Anekal taluk and is about 40 km from our place. It is a 'not so famous' tourist destination but a good one for trekkers. "Pearl Valley? Vahaan to kuch nahi hai. Hum us din gaye to waterfalls mein paani bhi nahin tha". This was the feedback we got from our neighbour.
                                      After a late start, we took the Chandapura road and reached close to Anekal taluk. The one spot which attracted our attention was Visala Sky Trust ashram.  It is a place where followers of that organization come to meditate. It is a well-maintained place with sprawling fields around. Some of the snaps we took are below.


The entrance of Visala Sky trust

                                                           Metallic lotus inside the structure

The fields outside the ashram

                                                           The structure
                                      Shortly afterwards, we reached our destination. The place was not overcrowded, and the few were parking their bikes and cars. We descended a series of granite steps to go to a waterfall. The water there was muddy. The fall was not spectacular. Most of the visitors spent some time near the falls, but a daring few (like us.....he he!!) ventured into the forest. From then on, our trekking adventure began. Out of many trails, we took a trail. After a short distance, there was a small stream and to reach that, there was a steep climb down the rocks. We washed our feet in that stream and then proceeded further. On our way, we met a couple who were going back. But they became our fellow trekkers. As we proceeded, we encountered thick bushes which were full of thorns. It was getting more exciting. At one point, there was a low and narrow trial, and so we had to bend and go. We felt like we were getting in touch with the unspoiled nature with full of trees and only the sweet sounds of birds. At one point, there were elephant droppings which made me feel scary. It was not fresh, still.  My husband joked if we were lucky we would spot an elephant!!! Phew....'luckily' we didn't. After many twists and turns, the trail became straight and we could enjoy the beauty of valley and the mountains around filled with trees, bushes and shrubs. We stood there for sometime forgetting everything and just admiring the beauty and the serenity of the nature.

                                                     During the drive somewhere near Anekal...


                                               During our trail in the valley

                                                 The valley from the top...

As it was getting late, we trekked backwards to reach the entrance. After having some tea and snacks, we were ready to hit the concrete jungle from which we were not very far. Though we did not find any pearls in the valley, it has so much to offer for the nature lovers and trekkers.

Until we meet next time, goodbye and take care.

P.S. More photos of the place and fellow trekkers will be uploaded soon!!! So watch out!!!