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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A 'Storky' experience on Canvas-A leaf and a feather from Ranganathittu

Hey buddies,
                      For a long time, I have always been amazed by the variety of birds that exist in our planet. I have made a brief mention in one of my posts that one of my favorite pass time is bird watching. But with increased urbanization and deforestation, lots of bird species are becoming extinct thus tilting the balance of our ecosystem. If, we, city-dwellers want to sight more birds, we will have to travel far away from the concrete jungles and be at a place with lots of trees and lakes.
                                                I have drawn and painted birds in the past using water colors and oil paints by borrowing someone else's photos. I have enjoyed recreating every feather and other features of the birds and would like to do more. This painting is the follow-up of our Ranganathittu bird sanctuary trip and is oil painting done on canvas ( From a photo taken by us). You can read the details of our trip to Ranganathittu bird sanctuary in one of my earlier posts.