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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A look back!!!

       As the year 2015 whiffed past us, yet another year is ready to make a grand entry with all 'new everything'. All through evolution of mankind, no year has been clean or utopian and no year is going to be like that. Because man or mankind is never perfect and cannot be. Every year is  a cacophony of events, which include political, terrorist, natural disasters, change of Governments, never-ending atrocities on women and their desperate fight to compete with men, deaths or assassination of famous personalities, dirty display of wealth and power not just in our country, but all over the world. It is just pointless to say that then world was much better about 50 or 100 years back and now it has changed for worse. Every period or era has its own problems and the humankind has overcome and still struggles to overcome the challenges through the survival instinct. Why I changed from mankind to humankind is that women ARE included.
                                                 On my personal front, if I were to be asked what I have achieved this year, well, nothing spectacular compared to superwomen around me who multitask everything from family, house, career. They do make my head hang in shame. I continue to have few 'not have', could have things, but if God exists, He/She has charted out something for me. There might be a path laid ahead of me for which God only should be knowing its way. I just have to keep picking up the thread of hope and follow to reach the destination. At one point, when I was helpless, my friends helped me discover a music teacher in me and I just love that role!! Music is always my first and last love in my life. When I sing, I experience tranquility and it is a kind of meditation for me. Moving on to other things, there were series of unexpected health problems (yep, health problems are always unexpected) faced by my near and dear which shook us a little making me realise the fragility of life. Fortunately, they have overcome those problems with the help of modern medicine, family support and their inner strength. They will continue to be an inspiration for the rest of our family members.
                                            On the public front, the events in our city, country and all over the world do make some impact on us/me even without our knowing. The recent inundation of city of Chennai and Cuddalore due to heaviest ever rains recorded over 100 years sank our hearts. This adversity which was criticized to be man-made did bring out more of best in the humans in and around the city to save from the deluge. The news media and the social media were full of stories depicting the many acts of kindness and good-nature to bring back the city to normal soon. More than the Government, it was people who reached out to the other fellow beings to help them out of distress forgetting all the differences. The flood is thankfully over, but the stories should/will live on. On the political front, Arivind Kejriwal took the State of Delhi by storm after his unceremonious exit about two years back. He is going to complete 1 year as a chief minister trying to reach to every other Aam Aadmi while fighting the bigger hurdles that keep falling his way. Really politics is a game of thorns and not roses. Our Prime Minister ends another year by building good rapport with lot of countries around the world with his visits, but he has to face lots of criticism in home front with the rising intolerance. Many famous personalities have returned their coveted awards in protest of intolerance which include curbing of freedom of speech and expression. Prominent writers were killed, one Tamil writer declared his 'literary death', which should all be a matter of concern. There seems to be conspicuous silence around all these which should not be. Then there were some acquittal verdicts in favor of politicians and film personalities much to the dismay of public giving the feeling that one can go scot free with the help of power and money losing our faith in judicial system. Yakoob Memon was hanged to death for his alleged role in Mumbai blasts, though the main accused, Tiger Memon is living somewhere in the Arab region. The other new law which has been passed recently due to the pressure from the society is trying the juveniles aged from 16 to 18 as adults in the cases of heinous crimes like rape and murder. There are  lots of discussions and debates going on around this law. Though the crimes against women are yet to decrease, we can see at least some women coming out boldly to fight the atrocities committed against them. This is a positive sign.
                                                In the international front, the terror attacks in Paris garnered support from all over the world through the Facebook and other media. The favorite city that never sleeps has been recklessly attacked by terrorists and the world(Facebook) showed solidarity and support by changing their profile pictures to the color of the flag of Paris. What many of us failed to not that for the few hundreds dying in these European nations, there are thousands killed by the routine air strikes that are conducted by these western nations. But, as the adage goes, if it rains in US or other western countries, we open our umbrellas and not when it rains in the poverty stricken or the nations with 1000s of refugees fleeing to look forward for better lives.
                                As yet another year dawns, I wish you all a Happy and prosperous 2016 with lots of sunshine and hope!!