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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


                 What is aimlessness? It is when you do not have any specific purpose in your life. Does all of us go through a phase when we feel what the purpose of our life is? I believe everyone of us do have that feeling when we think where our life is heading and how should we take it forward. Some of us will term it as 'midlife crisis'. Save for the poorest strata of the society who struggle to live each day, rest of us do go through this phase. The landmarks-when during our childhood we make lasting friendships during our school days, score high marks in the exams, win prizes in the competitions, get into professional courses, finish our college and land into dream jobs and get the taste of our 1st pay cheque, and ' if lucky', marry a person of our dreams, become a parent, and then see the same cycle repeated with our children. Majority of us do fall into this category, and if not, try extra hard so that we can 'fit in' the stereotyped society that we have woven for ourselves. Phew!!! Somewhere during this journey of our lives, even if everything 'falls' in the right slots, and try hard to keep ourselves busy and hectic just to tell others that we are busy and fine, we experience that simmering sense of boredom which creeps into that 'routine' life. We feel like we are groping in the dark but do not want to get out of that for the fear of unknown or not to disturb the routine. We, as adults, work hard, try to find satisfaction in our jobs, keep the gentle family balance floating, all this at the cost of body aches and ailments so that we hope to relax sometime in future and live happily ever after. We do not want to stand and stare at the thing called 'breath of life'. What is the definition of having a job or 'do you work?'? Something to support the family or for some others, just to fatten our purses, they work under 'somebody' even if they feel frustrated and stressful. To work like a slave just because you do not have any other option as you have to support your family is one thing. Some are bold enough to come out of the demanding jobs which are nothing but slavish and pursue their true passions and try to make a career out of them. This path will be directionless at first, but if one draws a map for himself/herself and follow that with true passion and perseverance, one is sure to see a light of different kind. There are few people who have come out of the corporate jobs to carve a niche for themselves.

                              I do not fall under the category of 'full-time' working person for a long time just to see a pay cheque at the end of the month. I have to acknowledge that my husband supports me in whatever I do and that is why I try out various options. I have been in and out of jobs over a period of time and each workplace' the work atmosphere was of course different. In one place the nature of job was good, but the pay was less and in the other vice versa. Except in one place, all the other workplaces were unsatisfactory in one respect or other but each one was a learning experience. Now I am back to being myself or 'aimless'. I am doing things I like to do. Hopefully, this period of 'aimlessness' will be fruitful. Now, why am I writing this article and what is this aimed at? This is one of the things that makes me happy and energetic. I do not know how many of you around can manage to be in my shoes. But if you get any chance to pause in your hectic life, do that and it is alright to be aimless once a while to discover your true self.