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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The royal, loyal Red Carpet

Hi pals,
                   Did you miss my posts recently? If there are handful of you who follow my blog closely, you may be wondering whether I am running out of topics! It is true to some extent. I am searching for topics to write. If writing was fully in my blood, I would be busy posting something every other day. But that is not so. I am a Jack of some trades if not all, and of course, master of none. If I focus on one thing, the other things do not happen. I would want to do a multitasking of all my interests or hobbies,but that is not happening as I hope it should. If I do a painting, my mind will be more focused on that one only. My other passion is singing and listening to music, and for some months I have been conducting classical music classes for children in my vicinity. As a first time teacher in that area, it does involve lot of preparation and relearning as getting back to basics. Carnatic music is an ocean in which I have seen just about half a grain. If I manage to become a full-time music instructor, it is like one of my dreams is realized. I did not plan to teach music, but it was rather thrust upon me by my dear friends who were looking for somebody in the complex to teach music to their children. Thanks, dear friends, it is a win-win situation up to this day, as I learn or relearn music along with children.
                         When Carnatic songs are sung, it is a common practice to sit on the floor to adhere to the rhythmic taalas or beats, and of course, because it is an age old form of music, it is a practice to sit down and do alaapana.  One cannot imagine sitting on the chair or standing and singing the Carnatic music. Talking of sitting on the floor and singing, I make my students sit on the carpet we have in our house. Yes, it is a 'Red carpet'. So I feel royal all the time! ;)We bought this carpet about 10 years back from the Commercial Street in Bangalore. It was carefully chosen by my husband who always buys the best the money could give. Though the design and colour is common, it is a handmade woolen carpet from Kashmir and quite heavy. It is rich in look and adds much more elegance to our drawing room. For most part of the year, it suits the Bangalore weather.Some of my previous maids refused to roll and lift it up to sweep & swab the floor. To maintain it, it is best to have a vacuum cleaner and give it for dry cleaning once a while.
                                                             This majestic companion had been with me for the last 10 years. For me, it is more than just another piece of accessory in the house. As mentioned by somebody, a woolen carpet becomes softer as it ages. And of course, it is still soft & comfy. It has become an integral part of my life and a silent companion. A chair or a sofa is there to sit on it, a bed is there to lie and sleep. But a carpet? With all its richness and elegance, it gracefully allows you to stamp upon it anytime, all time. Sit, stand, stamp, sleep and do more. My morning cup of tea is accompanied by extensive newspaper reading ( a privilege for a 'non-working' woman) and I cannot imagine sitting on a sofa and do this. I spread the newspaper fully and sit comfortably and read the matter till I finish tea. Only the woolly feeling below my knees give me full freedom to do that. Whenever I am able to do yoga, I do not need a Yoga mat. This carpet generously allows itself to be the Yoga mat. And the length and the width is more than one can ask for. It will not move an inch like other mats or blankets. My limbs won't hurt even when I do rigorous movements. A power carpet for power yoga. Whenever I want to have a siesta in the afternoon, the carpet becomes my bed, as I am not fond of using the mattress in our bedroom during the daytime. Up to 10 minutes of good siesta is enough to keep rest of my day going. And the carpet serves the purpose. For the assignments which involve paper cutting and shaping, a sofa is not ideal. Carpet suits for this because it requires more space and flexibility.  As I mentioned somewhere before, it is ideal for my Carnatic music classes as 5 to 6 children can sit on it comfortably.


                                                        Our carpet is not a magic carpet as in the tales of King Solomn which transports the King from one country to another in one day. Maybe, magic carpets were needed those days as there were no flights! Even today, I wish our carpet had magical powers so that I can travel from place to other in Bangalore without touching the mad traffic. It is not a magic carpet, but it is a red carpet (though dark red). I feel very privileged to be its owner every single day!