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Friday, January 21, 2011

Sabarimala tragedy


Hi folks,  
          It is already a week since the tragic incident of stampede happened in Sabarimala. Public memory being short, this incident will be almost forgotten by the end of this month. By the end of this year, the inflow of pilgrims in Erumeli will be more than the previous year. But have our authorities learnt any lesson from this tragedy? Will the pilgrims have a safe journey? What is Travancore Devaswom Board doing with all the money that they get? Will the safety of the Ayyappas be the first priority from now on?
             Stampedes have happened in pilgrim centres all over the world and these incidents reflect the mismanagement of  temple authorities and also sometimes the selfishness of the devotees who come there. How much of devotion and selflessness do we have when people push each other to get the best view of the diety?
           Why do people die in a place of worship where there should be utmost faith in God? Does it make anybody lose faith or devotion? Why do people make a point to visit these popular worship places like Sabarimala, Tirupathi, Varanasi, Vatican, Mecca, Shiridi?  For the true believers of God, His presence should be felt everywhere. How many of us are visiting these places with true prayers or devotion in mind? Are we going there for the sake of 'having gone there'?


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  1. deepaji you are absolutely correct by making your point that public memory is short and there is no doubt that in the years to come the rush is going to simply multiply. Here the actual thing or the core question challenged is regarding the mode of expressing the real faith in god. there may be some who feel that going to such places is not the only way to increase your faith and some other who wish to go such place because it’s a sensation or state of mind that is actually been refined through such journeys and that can be solace. The ultimate feeling or the change we feel is often inexplicable and the sensation incapable of being fathomed. So this is the core thing and the approaches of different people will be different. Nothing can be done to control the inflow. The only thing which can be done is to have fair proposals to enable proper arrangements for the pilgrims. The present conditions are really inadequate. I also have the same concern about the funds which the DEWASWOM BOARDS amass in the name of god. Iam sure that if we can chalk proper pilgrim managing plans, everything can be proper without any harm. the roads leading to the base camps in pamba should be developed to four lanes, and the basic needs of the pilgrims like drinking water,sanitation facilities, accommodation facilities should be provided to all those who undertake the steep trek to the temple.
    I quote famous Laurie Baker who said about Sabarimala " this is a problem that inevitably arise when lakhs of people all want to go to the same place at one brief season each year and for the better management we don't need engineering specialist talent or hi tech system but simple common sense with a bit of common decency thrown in for good measure." let the authorities awake and prevent such mishaps in the future.