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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Atheists or escapists?

Hello everybody,
                      This time the subject that will be written about is a bit strong, and maybe, argumentative. But, nevertheless, I am going to put my thoughts. What provoked me to write this? As I was reading today's newspaper, I came across an interview with a celebrity. He was asked about his religious views and in reply to that, he proudly proclaimed himself to be an atheist. This set me thinking. We have heard this section of people called atheists who reject the existence of deities and do not believe in religious rituals. I have no problem with their way of thinking. Religious beliefs are not to be imposed, and if a person is not convinced with the customs and practices of a certain religion, he is free to deny that.
                                          But again, is there a gender factor in all these? If my observation is correct, time and again I have found that more of men belong to this group. One famous celebrity atheist is the actor Kamal Hassan. Even otherwise, we know some relative or friend(mostly male) who proclaims himself as a atheist. But, how many women belong to this group? Women's roles are still totally different from that of men. Women are supposed to be the carriers of culture, tradition, and rituals of a family, right? Can a woman proclaim herself to be an atheist and not do the poojas, say prayers, or neglect the various festivals? Next question that will automatically arise is what her children will learn from her. Even though many women may have different thoughts, they silently follow the rituals of the family fearing the wrath. It may not be enjoyable and may be a little bit pressurizing, but women do all these for the sake of the family. Atheists(men) can still sit in the arm chair and be free from taking part in all these arduous religious customs and write tons about atheism. Those religious  customs and rituals belong to women, right? I can go on writing endlessly about this topic, but I will stop here for now. You are welcome to bring in your thoughts whatever they are.

Take care,

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