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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hi all,
           How is the weather treating you these days? As its summer time, anybody's favorite and safe topic should be weather. Ohhh, its so hot, I am sweating, it is becoming hotter every summer, want AC running all the time, want to have ice-creams, cool drinks etc.I wish all of you a pleasant summer and keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water.
                                     Before I get to the main topic, I would like to pay last respects to the infant girl 'Neha Afreen', who was murdered by her own father in Bangalore for no fault of hers except for being born as a girl. Afreen was born in a poor Muslim family and her father who wanted a boy, hated her from the day one of her birth. The 3-month old Afreen has now become an 'icon of shame' in our boy-obsessed society. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would have observed that some of my articles do have some feminist touch. It is natural because I am a woman. It is to be seen as to how many centuries will elapse before our country changes to pro-girl child.
                                   Alright, let me come back to the topic. During our lifetime, we come across some strange and amusing coincidences which makes us wonder if there is really some invincible and invisible power strings controlling all these events. Did you come across a long lost school classmate or any old neighbour unexpectedly, at a most unlikely place? Yes, I did come across like that with some of them. Some meetings with these people should be pleasant or not so pleasant depending upon the depth of relationship or friendship with them. After many years, I met my best friend from school in an airport. The meeting was, of course, a surprise but for the fact that I could not recognize her because of a little change in her appearance:( .  She recognized me!!! Of course, now we are in regular contact through Facebook and otherwise. Some conversations do not go beyond 2 sentences because we would have just studied together, but nothing beyond that. Each of us may take the contact numbers on the pretext of keeping in touch, only not to be doing so. I have seen a couple of school mates or college mates in bus or in some other place after some years, but still avoided talking them because the comfort level was not be there at first place even though we were together for some years. Meeting our old and long time neighbours is mostly pleasant as it takes us to nostalgic mood. Yes, sometimes, the world though quite huge, IS ROUND!
                                           But what about COINCIDENCES IN NAMES??? If our names and surnames   are common, it will be no surprise if you come across a lot of them. But if these names are long and rare and still coincide somewhere, then it is wonder of wonders!!While the present generation keeps short, innovative, or crazy names, our parents and grandparents stuck to the tradition by keeping the long family names. My father's name is 'Muthukrishnan' which falls under 'not so common category.' Once, I came across a name 'Muthukrishnan Kalyanasundaram' in Facebook. This person's wife's name is 'Nityakalyani.' This looked to be a rare coincidence and I felt some connection with that person.

                 Muthukrishnan-My father's name.
                Kalyanasundaram-My uncle's(my mother's brother) name.

                Nityakalyani- My mother's original name. 

   I could not resist contacting that person and he too was amazed at this kind of  'long name coincidence.'
            Do you have any interesting coincidences in your life? If so, please share in this space.

P.S. In our everyday lives, we misplace some things somewhere and spend lot of time searching around for it. We may not be lucky to find that thing, but the next time, when we search for something different, we will come across the thing which we have been previously looking for!!! Did it happen to you? It has happened to me many times!!! Under which category does this fall?

Take care,


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