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Friday, August 17, 2012

Revisited!!-Lalbagh Flower Show-August 2012

Hi all,
         How are you keeping??? How's the weather treating you?? For Indian friends, how did the Independence day (August 15 ) pass off? Was it just another holiday or did any of you do some introspection as to what we are doing for our country rather than what the country is doing for you??? (Famous words of JFK). Last year, around this time, the social activist Anna Hazare almost brought the country together with his fight against the corruption and tried to hasten the passing of the still awaited Jan Lokpal Bill. The UPA Govt seemed to pass the Bill, but still managed to not pass it effectively. Meanwhile, the fight against the corruption lost its steam, and, though Anna Hazare fasted over and again, the public and the media did not seem to care. After a break, the social activist is turning to be a political activist and we seem to be quick to form opinions. Is n't it easy to blame that Anna Hazare should not have got into politics to fight against the corruption? What are we doing? Are we weeding away corruption in our day-to-day lives? I do not think so. Its going to take a long long time for changes to happen, and unless, we play an active role, the changes are not going to happen anytime soon. Meanwhile, I bow with all respect and humility before this great man who refuses to give up fight and keeps trying all possible methods to achieve his goal. How many of us have the courage to this far???
                                       Now, why did I go into politics when the title of this post is something different? I did not intend to post this, as I am particular that topics previously posted should not be repeated. But, as any rule goes, rules DO have exceptions!!! Let me be frank. The LalBagh flower show photos previously posted has attracted lots of viewers which does make me feel happy. And of course, I feel encouraged to post some more photos of the Lalbagh Flower show-August 2012 (Bangalore) which took place on the eve of Independence day. This time, it was a little mellowed compared to the previous ones, and it maybe due to the impact of lesser rains.  There were some arrangements which looked more attractive compared to the main theme. There were lots of stalls selling miscellaneous items like decorative things, health foods, plants, etc.

                                              The entrance of the Lalbagh Botanical garden. 

                                                  A slanting Bonsai in the Japenese garden. 

                                                       A self-hugging bonsai.

                                           The main theme- Tree house, dinosaur, & the white ducks.

Flowery Tree-house.

                                                          Pinky dearie bearies!!!!


Orchids again!!!

Border flowerbed ...

Spooky tree!!!!..........No.... A tree lighted up during night!!!

Hope you will enjoy!!!!!!!   

Smiles, :)


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