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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A trip to Shivanasamudra falls

Hello once again,
                          It's been more than one & half years since I began my blogging, and I have to say, it has been a wonderful journey for me so far. My husband encouraged me to start a blog, and I thought it will not go past  2-3 posts and will sit idle. I am a relatively late entrant into the blogging world, and though I filled my profile details, I did not start writing for sometime, not knowing how to enter each post!! But, one day, I did start, and after that, there is no turning back!!! As some of you would have noticed, my space does not stick to any particular topic, and so, it is sometimes on social issues, or on travel,  artwork or anything different. Many of the topics are unplanned and written more out of instinct. I would like to thank all of you for the support and encouragement you have given me and I feel humbled. I will want to continue writing more and hope it may bring at least a grain of change for the better of the society.
                                               This time, it is about travel & leisure as the title above speaks of. Why do we like to travel? It is a kind of second nature in us to travel and explore the unknown places. Most of us want to escape the routine and the drudgery of the daily life which tires our mind and body and so we plan a holiday to get rejuvenated.
                   " Saanson ki zaroorat hai jaise zindigi ke liye,
                    Bus ek sanam chaahiye aashiqi ke liye"- Movie Aashiqui

Just as breath is needed for life and a lover to love, we need to travel and explore the new places to recharge ourselves. I love to travel a lot and do the activities like trekking, sight-seeing, bird watching etc. A few days back, we went to Shivanasamudra Falls which is about 140 kms from Bangalore. It was a comfortable day trip. It is better to take snacks and food with you, as there are no decent restaurants on the way to stop over. We took the Kanakpura road which is parallel to Mysore road leading to Malavalli from where a diversion is taken. Traffic is less compared to the Mysore Road, and so you can reach faster. The road, though single-laned, is well laid with trees on either sides and the scenic with fields and mountains all the way.  To enjoy the nature and get a break from driving, we stopped at some places and admired the vastness of the mountains and trees.

                       A couple of hours later, we reached GaganaChukki falls (one part of Shivanasamudra falls). The falls originate from Kaveri river and travel through rocks & ravines to drop as falls. Shivanasamudra town is located in Mandya district and is the location of one of the first Hydro-electric power stations in Asia. In GaganaChukki, we get to see a vast stretch of greenery covered mountains with a thin stretch of water falls at a couple of places. More than the falls, the rocks and mountains there are a pleasure to watch. A few Kms ahead, we reached the backside of GaganaChukki falls. There, it was more of rocks and thin strip of water running through the rocks, reminding us of Colorado River (US) watched from a height.

                                                            At GaganaChukki.....
                                                    Backside of GaganaChukki falls

                                                          On the way to BharaChukki......
                                                                Kaveri River

                      When we reached the main BharaChukki falls, it took us a little time to get a parking space, as it was a Sunday, but we were lucky. To get near the falls, we descended a series of about 150 steps and I could see that tourists climbing up were gasping for breath. This main falls were a sight by itself and one to be enjoyed from a distance and to get wet near the water. Yes, lots of people were enjoying to the fullest either by getting wet or getting adventerous by climbing up the rocks and getting close to the falls. The weather was clear, water was cool and ideal for spending hours with family and friends and forgetting our worries for a while. We enjoyed to the fullest by getting wet in the water and climbing up the rocks to get near the gushing water falls. Reluctantly, after some time, we had to get back by climbing up the steps though the place seemed to tell us to be there for more time. The things that were lacking here were toilets, changing rooms, eateries, adequate parking spaces which should be given much more attention, considering the large number of tourists visiting there.

                                                 BharaChukki falls from a distance.....

                                                          Closer view.........
                                                       My hubby sitting closer to the falls....




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